Commercial Projects

For three years, ECS has been our valued client at Mixterior. We design shop displays and handle tasks with their clear vision and commitment to excellence. ECS’s openness to creativity allows us to deliver stunning displays that align with their brand identity. Their prompt feedback and problem-solving approach contribute to successful projects. We cherish our partnership and look forward to creating captivating designs for ECS.

Elevating Patient Comfort at Bahria Internal Hospital – that’s our mission at Mixterior. As trusted furniture suppliers, we specialize in creating soothing spaces through thoughtful designs. Our furniture is tailored to enhance patient well-being, contributing to a serene and restful atmosphere. Join us in redefining hospital stays with comfort-focused solutions.

Elevate your visit to “Pie in the Sky” at Mixterior. Our thoughtfully crafted furniture enhances the essence of this coffee and snacks haven, adding a touch of comfort to every moment you savor. Discover a seamless blend of taste and design as you indulge in a culinary experience surrounded by our exquisite furnishings.

Residential Projects